Poznań - one, two, three...!
Very short guidelines on where can you go and what can you see if you have one hour, two hours or three hours – measured especially for a walk from the conference venue and back!

The time limits you have are cruel, but nothing is impossible… Here, however, everything depends on the weather conditions, because the recommended places are mainly outdoor.

The closest area to walk from the conference venue is the Warta river shore – it is just behind the conference area. You will notice the Cathedral Island visible on the northern side, with the cathedral’s two towers; in front of you, on the other side of the river there are the premises of the Old Gasworks; and on the left (the south) there is a bridge – the shortest way to the Old Town with the Old Market Square. One hour limit, however, makes it impossible to get to these places and come back… but within these time limits, by the river shore, you can plan your walks for another day!

Another option for you is to choose the other direction – by walking down Berdychowo street you will reach the big crossroad (Jana Pawła II street with A. Baraniaka street) and on the other side there is the… lake. It is quite unusual to have such a big lake with huge recreational area so close to the city centre and Poznanians really like that! However, the lake (Jezioro Maltańskie = Malta Lake) is not natural – it was formed in the mid 20th century and finished 40 years later to become one of the most modern regatta courses in Europe. With its 2 km length and beautiful areas around to walk and rest it should satisfy your need of fresh air in between conference meetings, no matter if you have 1, 2 or 3 hours break.

What if the weather conditions are really bad?... well, do not worry, there is a shopping mall – even if you do not feel like doing shopping you can always get out of the conference venue for a while and choose one of the cafes or bars there to relax. Galeria Malta is situated on the right side of the Malta Lake, just after crossing the Jana Pawła II street.


Besides all places mentioned above 2 hours’ limit allows you to visit the Cathedral Island, either on foot or with a tram from Jana Pawła II street (3 tram stops). Both ways of getting there start in the Jana Pawła II street – you should go that street in the northern direction and then turn left on the big Śródka roundabout, having the cathedral already in front of your eyes, on the right side of the St. Wyszyńskiego street. When you get there try to get inside the Cathedral – it is not allowed to visit it only during masses and other prayers’ gatherings. The monument was reconstructed after World War II in a gothic style, but we should remember that the first pre-Romanesque cathedral was built in that place as early as in 968. There are many other monuments on the Island – worth noticing would be the gothic Holy Mary Church in front of the Cathedral and the Renaissance Lubrański Academy building, now housing the Archdiocese Museum. Do not miss the walk through the Jordan bridge (only for pedestrians and bikes), on the back of the Cathedral, that will lead you to one of the oldest districts in Poznań called Śródka.

If you choose Lake Malta for your break you can be sure it is possible to go around the Lake within 2 hours! On the way, you will see the all year round ski slope, toboggan run and freshly opened, brand new Aquapark – Termy Maltańskie.


Again, besides everything mentioned above, there are new options appearing here… For example, on the other side of Lake Malta there is a… ZOO! The place is worth visiting, as it is constructed to be quite comfortable for the animals living there with its semi-natural environment conditions, in a forest area with few ponds…

However, main option for you here would be the Old Town – to get there, just go down Piotrowo street in the direction to Kórnicka street and then choosing the correct direction – to the west – cross the Św. Rocha bridge, either in a tram or on foot. By going straight ahead to Podgórna street u will reach Wiosny Ludów Square, which is already 3 minutes from the Old Market Square… From there just go to the right (to the north) taking either Szkolna or Wrocławska street and you will be there. Full of cafes and bars, with its lovely, quiet atmosphere during the day and hectic party fever in the night it is undoubtedly the city’s heart. Do not miss the Town Hall – the pearl of Renaissance architecture from 16th century and the merchant houses next to it. Also, go to the most beautiful church in the city – Parish Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop, the “triumphant” Baroque example of the very harmonious and – at the same time – very decorative edifice.

If you are eager to do shopping in Poznań 3 hours time limit would make it possible for you to go to the most beautiful shopping centre in the world – the Old Brewery Shopping Centre, on Półwiejska street. In fact, this shopping mall is worth visiting even if you do not care much about shopping itself… it is just the very good example of good quality architecture based on the history of the place.
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