The very green city
Poznan is one of Poland’s greenest cities not only because its tramways and buses are painted green… Green recreational areas, forests, parks, lawns and gardens cover nearly 30% of the city area. A green belt of forests surrounds the city, which is quite unusual for such a large urban centre and offer plenty of opportunities to experience the beauty of nature.

The 100 years old

Botanic Gardens
Palm House makes the strongest impression in winter, though it enchants all its visitors throughout a year. The astonishing colours of flowers, unusual shapes of cacti and bunches of bananas high under the glass ceiling combine to create a unique atmosphere.

Botanic Gardens with its 23 hectares house plants from all corners of the world. It remains a favourite place for Poznanians out for a stroll.

Near the city centre there is an artificial lake Malta, Poznań’s hub for sport activities, family strolls and picnics and nature lovers. In 1990 Europe’s most advanced 2 kilometers long regatta course was built on the lake. The tract is a frequent site of competitions and international championships. Along the northern shore of the Malta Lake runs the “Maltanka” children’s train with its last stop at the New Zoo. The New Zoo of Malta, with its 117 ha and spacious, semi-natural conditions for animals is one of the most frequently visited places in the city.

Abakanowicz Sculpture in Citadel Park
Located on the north of the Old Town is Winiary Hill, known as the Citadel, turned into a fortress in the 19th century. Following World War II the site was converted into a large park with numerous paths and charming spots, loved by walkers, roller skaters and bikers.

The Morasko Meteorite Reserve is a unique attraction within the city limits and comprises of seven craters left by a meteorite strike. The Morasko craters constitute one of the largest concentrations of such craters on Earth, in terms of size and number. The biggest diameter measures approximately 60m, while the depth reaches 11.5m.
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