Polish Presidency of the European Union has begun!
On 1st July 2011, Poland takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and is responsible for organizing EU meetings, setting the Union's political agenda and ensuring its development, integration and security.
The presidency is carried out during a six-month period, rotationally, by all the members of the European Union in a planned sequence. At that time, the country holding the Presidency becomes the host of most of the Union's events and plays, at the same time, a key role in all fields of activity of the European Union.

Starting from July 2011, Poland assumes leadership of the EU Council. In early 2012, the Presidency will be held by Denmark, while in the second half by Cyprus.

Together with the Polish Presidency appears an official logo representing such values as: dynamism, positive energy and solidarity. The logo is an integral visual symbol of each EU Presidency. Polish logo was designed by Jerzy Janiszewski, world known designer and graphic artist. It was he who designed the famous logo of "Solidarność", which has become a historical symbol of the Polish road to freedom and democratic change. The logo of the Polish Presidency consciously refers to the great, historical tradition of "Solidarność" leaded by Lech Wałęsa.

For the first time in the history of EU Presidencies, the promotion is also supported by a short movie by Tomasz Bagiński (creator of the Oscar-nominated short film "The Cathedral") representing a metaphorical vision of the European Union dancing with Poland.

More information about the Polish Presidency is available at: www.pl2011.eu

Below you can watch two version of the abovemetioned movie.




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